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Most people have trouble targeting Crypto/NFT audiences - not us.

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Discord Subs, Mints, Followers, you name it, we got it.

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Ads That Cut Thru The Noise

In the crowded landscape of Web3, it's become increasingly difficult for general users to decipher between projects that have real value, and rug pulls or bad ideas.

Your KPI Comes First

We tailor our creatives & page selection to your project’s KPI’s. That means that whatever your goal is, whether it’s discord subs, mints, followers, or anything else - we know how to make it happen.

Audience Analysis

We’ve taken the hard work out of Theme Page ads by diving deep into the insights of every page we work with (which is also almost every page on IG). Getting your project in front of the audience you’re looking for couldn’t be simpler.

The Experts In The Space

Our team’s background in Crypto extends back to 2015, having operated a Crypto-oriented marketing agency. We know how Web3 users think because we are Web3 users.

"Working with Bolis Media for my NFT project has been an incredibly easy experience. Their efficiency allowed us to deploy 6-figure activations within days all while keeping me in the loop. Their traffic feels like a cheat code. Can't recommend them enough."

Josh Galvez   CEO Retire Media

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