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Our network of 2.25bn followers gives you uncapped potential to scale.

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Followers, Subscribers, Fans, Viewers, we have it all. Because we work with almost every page on IG, we can get your content in front of the exact audience you need.

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Our team is your team, you can count on us to represent your brand well & give you support where you need it. If you ever get stuck with content, our expert marketers will be here to help you figure it out.

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Our team has a background in influencer management agencies. We know the ins and outs, and know how to make every dollar count.

"My agency worked with Bolis Media to increase our influencers exposure on Instagram and the results were amazing. They worked very quickly and always provided a variety of well thought out potential solutions based on our needs, wants, and budget. We had worked with a couple other companies prior and the results were nowhere near what Bolis Media provided - would definitely recommend working with them!"

Sophie   Director Apex Agency

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