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Whether you’re an up-and-coming star or a platinum selling artist, we’ll make sure everyone’s talking about your next release.

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With our network of 2.25bn followers, we can guarantee your music will be heard by exactly who it’s meant for.

Your Goals Are Our Mission

We tailor our campaigns to your goals. That means whether you need streams, followers, views, or just hardcore virality, we can make it happen (100% legit - no bots here).

One Team

We work with our partners like we’re a singular team; whether you’re a label looking to drive streams to all your upcoming projects or an artist with 20k followers looking to make a name for yourself, we’re here to support you.

Veterans in the Industry

We’ve been doing music marketing since 2014, long before “Bolis Media” existed. Since officially launching in 2017, we’ve run 40+ artist campaigns for various labels & indies, resulting in multiple #1’s and millions of views.

"Bolis Media is a great company to work with if you're looking to get your content out to more people via Instagram. Their team is friendly and quick to help out and give good creative feedback on campaigns."

Johnny Rapp   Founder JRapp Media

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